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What is spinal decompression?

Spinal decompression therapy is a non-surgical technique that stretches the spine, using a traction table or motorized device, to primarily relieve back pain and leg pain. The space created in the spine from the stretch removes irritation and pressure from the nerves and consequently relieves pain.
Compressed nerves in the spine can be caused by herniated or bulging disks, thickened joints, loosened ligaments, and bony growths.
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Spinal decompression surgery

There are multiple surgical approaches to spinal decompression intended to relieve pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots (Source).

These include:

  • Corpectomy
  • Diskectomy
  • Laminotomy
  • Foraminotomy
  • Osteophyte removal

Why choose a chiropractor instead of surgery

As with all surgical procedures, there are risks and side effects associated with surgical spinal decompression like blood clots, nerve damage, and infection. Most procedures require a hospital stay as well as extended rehabilitation time that usually requires a physical therapist.

Additionally, surgery does not correct underlying degeneration due to wear and tear with aging, so symptoms can return. Chiropractic treatment offers safe, non-invasive pain relief through non-surgical spinal decompression and traction.

  • Symptoms can still return after successful surgeries
  • Avoid side effects and extended rehabilitation
  • Get safe and non-invasive treatment

It is standard medical advice for any health condition to seek non-invasive, conservative treatment methods first before turning to more extremes. Surgical spinal decompression should only be reserved for severe cases.

How does a chiropractor relieve back pain?

Chiropractors utilize various types of motorized traction tables to perform spinal decompression therapy. You lie on the table with a harness around your hips. The upper portion of the table remains stationary and the lower half, to which the harness is attached, moves back and forth to provide traction and relaxation.

This process creates a negative pressure with your spinal disks, pulling any bulging material back in place, and promoting the absorption of healing nutrients.

Spinal decompression and traction are just one of many techniques under the umbrella of chiropractic adjustments used by chiropractors to relieve back pain.
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Is spinal decompression safe?

Yes, spinal decompression with a chiropractor is safe and painless. The motorized tables used for non-surgical spinal decompression are FDA approved and are often relaxing for patients. Some patients may experience mild soreness as part of the healing process following their therapy.

A doctor of chiropractic will advise against spinal decompression treatment if you have conditions like:

  • Fractures
  • Tumors
  • Osteoporosis
  • Spinal implants

Chiropractors use multiple techniques to treat their patients and may choose alternative treatments if you are not a good candidate for non-surgical spinal decompression.
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The difference between decompression and traction

Back traction and spinal decompression have the same goal of relieving pressure on spinal nerves from bulging or herniated disks.

Traction has been used for many years as a form of physical therapy. It pulls and stretches on the spine to relieve tension and can be done in a continuous pull or intermittent pull.

Decompression traction tables utilize computer programming to adjust pressure and pull during the process. These systems use a gentle, curved angle pull which offers better results than the sharp angle pull from traditional traction.

What can be treated with decompression therapy?

Our office uses spinal decompression as part of treatment for a number of conditions like:
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Sciatica and leg pain
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Degenerating, herniated, or bulging disks

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